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Will A Retrofit Work For Me?

In most cases, the answer is "Yes"! If your current fixtures are still in good shape, you should consider using a retrofit. It Will Save You Money. As a general guideline, divide your current Metal Halide (MH) or High Pressure Sodium (HPS) bulb's wattage by 3 or 4 for the comparable LED wattage. For incandescent to LED, divide by 9 or 10. Height above the floor, obstructions and other variables can make a difference.

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Food Processing LED Lights

Recently LED Light Retrofits has been able to secure a supply of special High Bay LED lights that have been designed specifically for a very harsh and wet environment like a Food Processing facility, Protein Producers.   In addition these special LED High Bay lights have no glass, are IP67 rated and will meet all the safety requirements in a Food processing facility.   These High Bay LED lights are also very suitable for car wash facilities and any other harsh and wet environment

UL and DLC Rating

There are many LED products on the marketplace, making a good choice sometimes difficult and challenging.  Price of a LED light is important but not always the best way to assess value.  If you buy a cheap not certified LED light you could be faced with future problems.

  1. LED Failure of individual LEDs that lower the brightness.
  2. Early complete failure.
  3. Fire insurance claims disallowed if the LED Light does not meet the minimum Electrical Standards in your area.

Always look for the best combination of Price Value while maintaining the minimum electrical standards for your area.   

There is a reason why UL and DLC LED lights cost more.   It is because they are tested to a higher standard and also are designed to last longer.



LED Light Retrofits now has 100% financing for commercials LED conversions.   No money down OAC and your payments will be less than your monthly power bill savings.  Start saving now, even at 8 cent per KW power.  The combination of lower LED light prices and competitive financing now makes it economical for any business.

A company providing top quality LED products to the Canadian  and USA Marketplace in the areas of LED Retrofit Kits and new LED light fixtures.  LED Light Retrofits has conducted extensive research into all available LED lights in order to provide the BEST Quality and Value available in the LED light bulb marketplace.

LED Light Retrofits for commercial lighting applications is now a cost effective method to save on lighting costs. Our LED light bulbs have a life expectancy of 15 to 20 years under normal use.

LED Light Retrofits ensure that all LED bulbs are of the highest quality with UL, DCL and ETL certification in order to meet the Canadian  and USA Electrical Standards.  

Whether your lighting needs are fluorescent light T8 Tubes or High Bay LED replacements, LED Light Retrofits can fulfill all of your lighting requirements.

Replacing your existing fixtures with the latest LED efficient technology will pay for themselves in 2-3 years.

LED Light Retrofits is now pleased to offer 100% Financing for LED conversions for Businesses. Normally the financing payments are less than the monthly amount you will be saving.  

ATTENTION Electrical Contractors, Inquire about special pricing.

LED T8 Tube Lighting

Fluorescent lighting Replacement  - LED T8 Tubes

T8 LED tube lights

T8 LED tube lights are a complete replacement for the traditional fluorescent light tubes.  Led tube lights come in a variety of color temperatures as well as all the traditional sizes from 2ft, 4ft and  8ft.

The LED driver is built into the LED light tube there by eliminating any external driver component or ballast. 

Replacing the old out dated fluorescent tubes usually will pay for themselves in less than 3 years.   Download the Savings Calculator to calculate your savings. 

High Bay and Warehouse LED

High Bay Lights

The traditional High Bay light can be replaced with a new LED High Bay fixture like the following example:

Wattage range: 60W - 300W (150W common)

Lumens: 15400 for 150W High Bay

Certification: cULus, DLC, 

6 Year Warranty.


High Bay  LED Light Retrofit kits

These commercial LED lighting retrofits are designed to retrofit almost any exterior commercial grade fixture and some interior fixtures.  They will fit into over 95% of all existing outdoor and high bay fixtures.

Converting an existing High Bay or Parking lot light fixture into LED Lights by using a LED Retrofit Kit  you can turn low efficiency lights to energy efficient  and low maintenance LED lights, while at the same time be very cost effective.

The compact and durable design allows the installation of the LED light retrofit to fit within the existing fixture.  

The latest price reductions of LED lights make retrofits a very economical alternative to replacing the entire fixture.   The typical payback on a LED conversion is usually within 2 -3 years.

These retrofit conversion kits will save over 75% of the total power consumed and will last over 18 years under normal usage ( 10 hours per day).