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   LED T8 and Panel Retrofits - No Ballast - Direct Connect

T8 LED Retrofits 

Fluorescent light LED Light Retrofits  come in  2ft, 4ft, 8ft lengths  are UL Approved and designed to convert any standard fluorescent lighting  to energy saving LED light.  The ballast is disconnected and the power is wired directly to the fluorescent light T8 Tube or the LED Panel Light.

The conversion usually pays for itself in less than 2 years and in most cases less than 1.5 years. These Office fluorescent light T8 tubes and Panel Retrofits have no external ballast, direct connected to 110 - 277 VAC.  

Start saving on your power bill immediately.  

LED Panel Replacement Lights

With 50% or more Energy Savings these super bright Dimmable LED Panel  pay for themselves usually in less than one Year, if on 24/7!

The ballast is removed and the power is directly connected to the new LED light Panel.


 Why are LED Tubes the Ultimate Replacement for Fluorescent Light Tubes?

LED T8 Tube Light

LED fluorescent light tubes are the latest product lines in the fluorescent group and is considered to be the ultimate replacement for the traditional fluorescent lamp. It is made up of white LED chip modules. These LED tube lights provide the benefits of long life-span, radiation-free, energy efficient, environmental friendly and strobo flash-free.  LED fluorescent light is considered superior to other types of tubes.

Across the world, you'll find so many conflicts currently affecting each and every member of the population it becomes difficult to pay attention to just one issue at a time.

Moreover, the installation of LED light tube is quite easy. Simply to replace the original fluorescent lamp with the new LED one, and to take out the starter. What's more, the electricity saving efficiency may reach as high as 50% compared to traditional fluorescent lamp and the lifetime is more than 10 times than that of normal one, practically totally free of maintenance. LED fluorescent light is adaptive to be used in offices, factories, marketplaces, schools and houses and so on indoor areas.

As householders we all need to cut back on our expenses and there is a way to decrease lighting costs, by using low energy bulbs. The developments in technology made the number of available lights have changed in the past number of years from the long unpleasant CFL to the stylish LED bulbs.

The benefits of LED light tubes:

1. Environment friendly

Conventional fluorescent lamp possesses large amount of mercury vapor that can do harm to the environment if the lamp is broken up and the vapor spreads into the atmosphere. On the contrary, LED light tubes do not contain any mercury or lead, and not harm the environment. 

2. Low heat

Compared to conventional light bulbs that will generate a considerable amount of heat, LED lights can directly change electric energy into light energy, producing less heat  which significantly reduces the waste of electrical power.

3. Noise-free

LED light tube will not make any noise, allowing it to be a great choice for illumination application in high accuracy electrical instrument. It is also suitable to be used in occasions like libraries, offices etc.

4. the individual led lights provide soft light beams and are not subject to any stroboflash.

Traditional fluorescent lamp uses alternating current, that will produce 100-120 microflash strobes per second.

LED light tube on the other hand convert AC current to DC current and produce flicker free light, which is a major factor in eye strain in the office environment.  The health benefits of LED lights can not be ignored.

5. Free of ultraviolet radiation

Conventional fluorescent light tubes will generate ultraviolet radiation, thus attract mosquitoes to fly around the lights. LED Lights doesn't have this drawback, thus the indoor space will become cleaner.

6. Wide-range of adjustable voltage

Traditional fluorescent light require a ballast  to produce high voltage so the fluorescent light to start and to remain lit up. If the voltage drops, the fluorescent tube will either flicker or go out completely. LED tube lights on the other hand  may be turned on with a small amount of DC current from the built in driver.  LED  tube lights can accommodate a wide voltage range (85V-277V) and can also come with motion and dimming options.

7. Energy-saving, long lifetime and low cost

The power usage for LED fluorescent light tube is less than 1/3 of the traditional lamp's consumption, and with a life span of over 15 times that of the traditional fluorescent tube.  This also results in less maintenance in replacing ballasts and fluorescent light tubes over many years.

8. Robust and safe

The body of the LED light tube is made by high quality plastic, instead of glasses like other conventional fluorescent light tubes.  This results in the LED light tube light achieving a very robust and safe lighting fixture. If the LED light tube happens to falls to the floor the led fluorescent light will not shatter like a traditional fluorescent light tube.