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LED Parking Lot Lights 

Traditional parking lot lights present a variety of problems for building owners. Light Bulbs burn out frequently, requiring regular maintenance on hard-to-reach fixtures that can be dangerous and costly to access. Poorly lit parking lot areas create safety and security issues and the price paid to operate these fixtures year-round dramatically impacts utility bills.

With eco-friendly LED parking lot lights, building owners can achieve radiant, uniform lighting that requires little to no maintenance and radically reduces energy costs. LED parking lot lights will also enhance outdoor visibility, creating a safe and secure environment for customers and employees. 

There are many different variations of Street Lamp and Parking Lot Lighting. Many of them fall into the" Shoebox Light" type of Parking lot or Street Light lighting fixture.

The LED Parking Lot Lights is a perfect replacement for Metal Halide or HPS Parking Lot Lighting.  
The LED Parking Lot Lights also eliminate the need to ever replace your ballast!  The ballast is totally replaced and the power is bypassed directly to the LED light which has its own driver to convert the voltage from 85-277 VAC to the DC current to power the LED light bulb.

A street lamp usually needs an expensive Lift truck and often a lane of traffic must be closed down while being serviced.  By installing the LED Street lamp Retrofit you can eliminate maintenance for up to 20 years and also lower your electric bill by around 76%.

A smart and cost effective conversion is the LED Retrofit Kit that will work in 95% of existing fixtures (See Right image below).