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Energy robbing Wall Pack lighting and Flood lights are usually on 10 – 24 Hours a day, Wall Pack lighting and Flood lights can easily be retrofitted to LED light Wall pack and LED light Floods using one of our UL or DLC approved Energy efficient Wall pack lighting or the Flood lights Retrofit Kits.

The savings in Electricity, Bulbs and Maintenance quickly pay for the Wall Pack lighting and Flood lights Retrofit Kit. Return of Investment (ROI) is usually 1 - 2 Years depending on the Hours of operation, not counting many available energy rebates.

The latest wall packs are very efficient some can replace a 250 Watt HPS light with as little as 80Watts of LED light.

Many existing buildings have the traditional wall mounted lighting fixture. Now it is possible to retrofit many of these old light bulb fixtures with either a new LED light bulb fixture or a LED Retrofit Kit. We are always happy to provide you a personalized quotation for your building.

The newest LED Wall pack is made of ASA (Acrylic-Styrene-Acrylonitrile) for the lens, instead of glass or plastic.  This material is super strong and resistant to impact damage, rust, corrosion and fire. 

LED Wall Pack is our independently developed and patented product. It has unique IP65 internal waterproof design, superior heat dissipation, light weight and easy to install.

Utilizing ASA material  the luminaire has excellent weather (UV resistance), impact (high breaking tenacity), and temperature resistance. This material is widely used in the construction, automotive and marine industry.

ASA material is great for outdoor applications. The product is less prone to weather corrosion, and with inherent anti-static ability less dust will accumulate on the luminaire surface.

Designed for a wide angle light distribution of 140°, light is evenly distributed on all sides through a glass like PC cover without glare.

Using a Modular LED design the heat is quickly channeled out of the fixture, thereby extending the life span of the luminaire when comparing to traditional wall packs.

This product can be installed both indoors and outdoors. Widely applicable on building facades, gymnasiums, warehouses, restaurants, corridors, public areas and other similar venues.